About Us

ETS Strategic Capital was launched as the Corporate Development unit of ETS to pursue equity investments, strategic growth partnerships and mergers/acquisitions with innovative companies of strategic value around the world. As a division of ETS, we bring ETS’s extensive capabilities in assessments, research and development, global distribution, and innovative technologies to our portfolio and partner companies.

ETS maintains significant Assets Under Management (AUM) with access to capital for strategic equity investments, growth partnerships or acquisitions.

  • Equity Investments are typically targeted for Series B, Series C or later, where companies already have proven product/market fit, initial customers, and developed business-model, and are seeking further new growth capital to scale the business. (Earlier-stage investment may be possible in select situations.)
  • M&A deal focus is generally targeted at middle-market scale deals (smaller or larger acquisition deals may be possible in select cases).
  • Growth Partnerships are broadly defined but could consist of joint-ventures (JVs), channel-partner or distribution agreements, Intellectual Property (IP) licensing and technology-transfer relationships and similar strategic value-add business partnering relationships.

Our portfolio and partner companies will benefit from our relationship with ETS and its capabilities in Assessments (e.g., cognitive and non-cognitive), R&D, Global Distribution and Innovative Technologies, including natural language processing and automated tech-enabled services.

About ETS

ETS, our parent company, is a $1.5 billion research-driven company with products and services that:

  • measure knowledge and skills
  • promote learning and performance
  • support education and professional development for all people worldwide

ETS's core values of social responsibility, equity and opportunity, quality and integrity are readily apparent in the way in which we do business. We listen closely to and partner with all constituents of the educational ecosystem.